We create engaging microlearning content that helps to empower people to achieve their true potential

Customised & Personalized bursts of knowledge

Learning is personal and nothing is quite so personal as whats on our own mobile phones. Our learning content is designed for mobile engagement which can be personlised and measured for each user. Non intrusive and perfect for people on the move.

Accelerated Learning

Bite sized and personlised. In time, on time, and at anytime. Delivered in an engaging format that is welcomed and measured .

Soft Skills Development

Relevant microlearning is the perfect suite of tools for building those soft skills that help to accompany peoples technical skills


Our service is designed to be pushed to mobile phones and tablets. Very useful for motivational and coaching development.

Variable Content

We produce a blend of interactive video, audio, flash cards and quizzes that enlighten and then go on to prove knowledge retention.


Enable new employees to hit the ground running by sharing essential pre-employment knowledge that enhances confidence.

Self Improvement

Short bursts of personalised microlearning content can build a feeling of personal growth and will lead to better staff retention. 

Compliance Matters

Create essential safety and compliance training but delivered in a microlearning format that is simple and accessible.


We can help with product knowledge and essential information such as how-to’s, product demos, assembly and user instructions.

Learning from Anywhere

Splash Learning uses Adaptive teaching methodology that responds to each learners progress. Every stage is measured so that we can ensure that everything that is being presented  is understood and retained.

Improve the learning outcomes

Creative engagement increases a learners attention and our staged & soft repetition builds retention. These short bursts of stimulation can reinforce existing training in the work place.


Why Microlearning?

Microlearning has been proven to be the perfect accompaniment to traditional training as it is welcomed by modern learners. It delivers short bursts of knowledge through engaging content and then tests for knowledge retention.

Usually the learner has to opt in to this style of learning as it delivered directly to their mobile phone. When the user “buys in” it leads to more succesful knowledge transfer.


What is Splash Learning?

Short bursts of engaging learning content,  distributed to a users mobile phone. Content can be a mix of interactive video, audio, slideshows, quizzes and flash cards that help and prove knowledge retention.


Speedy Deployment

Once we have agreed the content and the formats we set to work to produce the lessons. Shoerter bite sized content is faster to create and quicker to deploy.


Created for modern learners

Research has shown that the majority of legacy e-learning systems no longer have effective outcomes with many of them not being fit for purpose for modern co-workers. the old ways don’t quite cut it anymore. 


Rapid knowledge transfer

Nowadays with human attention spans becoming ever shorter – there is a need to present new measurable knowledge and training in a much more engaging manner than has been traditionally made available. 


Personalised & Paced

We encourage the use of personalised adaptive learning techniques that enable leaners to develop through a scoffolding series of lessons in pace with their ability.


Extremely cost effective

This is a collaboartive approach.  We work with you to create, compile and distribute each project or course in house. It has been proven that effective micro learning is the fastest way to transfer knowledge that stays retained.

Perfect for mobile users

Splash Learning’s short timely and stimulating bursts of micro-learning modules have been proven to aid knowledge retention and to heighten motivation.

Monetise your Expertise

If you have built up a lifetime of a specific expertise then you can join our SplashLight program which is designed to turn individual expertise into actionable learning content. Contact us for more information. 


Revive your existing legacy training

It might be possible and practical for us to “Splashify” your existing training content. That is to break it down and recompile it into highly relevant, engaging and interactive micro learning sessions.


Ready to get started?

We are a distributed company though you can reach us here. Get in touch to find out more.

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